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Self esteem literally means; how we feel about ourselves. It is our attitude to ourselves  that ones hand in hand with how worthy we feel of love. Yourself selfesteem determines how you are accepted and appreciated by others, therefore it is important to love yourself first, if you want to be loved more.

I have 5 easy steps to share that will help you achieve  your perfect self ;

1) Groom yourself/ Dress nicely: it’s a popular saying ; how you dress determines how you will be addressed,  impressions matters and the first impression you can give is your looks , therefore  always look your best. Put on nice and fitting clothings for every outing, add a little make up to enhance your facial features. If you feel your effort is not enough don’t be scared to put a little more effort.

2) Talk to friends and family: you spend a almost all your time with these to set of persons. It’s best you ask for their help and advice. And also tell them to help take record of progress.

3) Think and Act positive: you have to start thinking positive thoughts a about yourself; believe you are beautiful, your are intelligent, you are best etc. you can write these thoughts and say them daily to yourself . Do positive things like, visiting fun places, celebrating yourself often.

4) Change a small habit: improve your good habits, get rid of  those bad ones and add more good habits, you can start a journal, read more books, join a club, exercise and eat and drink healthy.

5) Smile: my favorite, smiling comes from within, you have to feel good about yourself for you to be able to give a geninue smile. Always feel good about yourself and living so that radiant through your smile.